A Colorado native, G Cody Day is a self-taught abstract expressionist painter. Day employs rigorous processes developed through over a decade of experimentation. Embracing the raw nature of abstraction, and the freedom of working from within a self-definition, Day utilizes various techniques to hone the expression of his vision. Described as multi-dimensional work, physically capturing fragments separated by time, Day has a signature style that is instantly recognizable, and a library that is prolific. Day's acrylic paintings are high contrast, high color, and exude a refreshingly confident clarity of concept. Expressed through rectilinear arrays dancing behind organic streams Day's work is psychedelic, graphic, and captures organized chaos with refreshing calm. 


Painting is about discovery. Abstraction provides moments for collective discovery, a dance between the rational and the creative, and a connection between the artist and audience. By blurring the lines between form-and-color and texture-and-depth, abstract painting can communicate a feeling directly without translation. A painting needs not be about a subject. A painting can simply be the subject, expressed, free from assumptions, pure and undiluted. Abstract art has an inherent value of immediacy and inclusion because there are no prerequisites, no agreements necessary to participate on this fundamental level. Initially, non-representational painting seems to serve no tangible purpose, it feeds no one, and protects no physical bodies. The value instead lies in the ability of the artist to break the bonds between visual memory and presupposition. Encouraging free and unencumbered thought. My work is vibrant, highly saturated color with masking and mineral washes over vast expanses of gentle gradation contained in fragmented geometry. There is a familiar calm in the chaos of collected moments in time. My paintings capture motion, propose conflict, and exact solution through systematic process and technical brushwork. Each series hones a new element, adding another component to my technique and evolving body of work. I choose acrylic paint for the bright colors, heavy pigment loads, and quick drying time. These allow me to layer masking, rapidly build up the surface of the canvas, and to document the discoveries.  


G Cody Day is a co-owner of Sync Gallery on the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver, CO, and is represented by Artwork Network,